Jenna (emoxxxedger) wrote in justkillus,

un true un false un fuckin believeable - is this my attention?

i cant breath
i cant
my chest rises and falls but there is nothing
my body rejects it
it discriminates
it chooses
my mind tells me to
but my fragmented heart is to afraid
do i even exist anymore?
i cant see myself....
i dont need that - but i want it
my body is detoxing
it craves poison
i hate that - i am weak and i hate it
i dont want to be like this
and i know you cant understand - i know u understand that you can't

it is that time
when i feel it
when i miss this
i can't stand missing you
but i have to - i have to know how to
but i can't i dont know where to run
i want to run
and run
until my body decays -
until my these muscles tense and release
for the last time
until my eye close, my mouth bleeds, and you see this
know it is not your fault
no it is mine for being so weak - this is so vain
don't touch that - stop it,
i should have never showed you
i should hav never let those reluctant words leave my mouth
maybe if i didnt i wouldnt be here, i am not here

Untie me NOW!
let me go....
you did what you had to
you have created this
and now you think it is ok to abort me
unchain me NOW!
I cant let this be what i am
you made this.
you made it
you made it
you made this

now what? well - - -
what have you left me, and empty heart and
a filling eye - they arent tears
no not yet - they fill with rage
and pain.

I cant breath on you
i cant let this break me
into two
i cant breath i want it to stop
i cant breath dont hurt me again please
dont dont dont - i cant deal
i thought i could carry this baggage
thought mine was light enough
guess you just weighed me down - again again again
it ends - here.
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